22 jan daughter [untitled] i born!

new life! completely! new girlfriend and new apartment!

1 oct new home!
30 aug went to Ireland
24 jul went to Ljungdalen and walked 65 km
26 jun midsummer in Dalarna
apr - jun built a small house together with my mother
24 mar went to France
28 jan Søren moves in
8 jan Had a look at the Prospect

2 sept CAT CAT CAT!
20 jun ooops! Looks like Viggo moved in!
9 jun not much happening. still a good boy! 7500 seti WU's.
18 apr still alive. just bored. started working with my gallery.

23 jan i AM a good boy! 2500 seti WU's
23 jan taking up my web page. i'll be a good boy from now on...
jan still hooked at AIX. will stay as long as they let me.

whole year finn got hooked. stayed at AIX Arkitekter

1 nov finn starts a two months employment at AIX Arkitekter
19 sept finn is home, having a real bad cold
11 sept 16:00 argh... well, guess i choose the wrong day to publish my site, with the terroristed at WTC and everything
11 sept the website is finally online!
4 sept Finn takes up the work with his website
summer Finn moves back to his mom's place, living there part time and part time at Carolines place in gröndal.

5 dec

We'll probably live in Gröndal until the end of march 2001

3 oct Finn is taking up his work with his homepage once again.
11 sept Finn and Caroline move to Gröndal in the south of Stockholm.